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    • Limited offer: First 250 get 25% discount on full price of $1,299
    • Pay just $50 now and the rest at shipping
    • Financing available on final payment
    • Refer Friends for Additional Discounts
    • Estimated delivery: May-July 2023
    • Includes first grow kit: Nutrient bottles, carbon filter, grow medium, CO2 bag
    • App-controlled
    • Step-by-Step Guidance and Feedback
    • Built-in Camera With Timelapse
    • Automated Nutrient Control
    • Temperature and Humidity Control
    • 300 watt LED Grow Light- only $10-15/month in utilities
    • Over 1,000 Different Crop Varieties and Even More Grow Recipes
    • Pre-order Terms

      You are pre-ordering a product that has not been manufactured. You can contact us to request a refund at any time prior to shipping. By placing a deposit today, you are reserving one of the very first units. Changes may be made to the product prior to shipping and if this happens we will let you know. Once your order is available for shipment, we will reach out to provide options for you to complete the remainder of your payment.

    • Referral Terms

      Have your friends put your email address in the notes section at checkout. For each referral, you will receive an additional $50 off your final payment before shipping. Reach 20 referrals and get your Avid grow system for free. Maximum 20 referrals per customer. Discounts and free Avid grow systems from referrals are invalidated if referred pre-order is canceled or refunded. 

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